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Military Lawyer Patrick J. Mclain

Military Court Martial and Criminal Defense Attorney

Courts Martial · Administrative Separation Board or Board of Inquiry · Physical Evaluation Board · IRR Mobilization Delay and Exemption · War Crimes Lawyer

The military law firm of attorney Patrick J. McLain is dedicated to serving the needs of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel worldwide.

We offer aggressive military law representation for hard chargers — men and women who realize that every administrative proceeding or criminal charge can have a lasting effect on their military careers and futures in civilian life.

Contact our Dallas office today to schedule an initial consultation with a military law criminal defense lawyer who has more than 20years of experience and a strong dedication to defending servicemen and servicewomen.

Worldwide Military Law Practice

Put Experience on Your Side

When being tried in a military court, you need a civilian lawyer. Few court martial defense attorneys have the extensive experience and comprehensive military knowledge of attorney Patrick J. McLain:

  • 20 years of active service in the Marine Corps
  • Former federal prosecutor
  • Former USMC defense attorney
  • Retired court martial trial judge

He will aggressively defend your rights in courts martial, discharges, physical review board (PEB), officer misconduct and nonjudicial punishment proceedings across the country and around the world.

Independent Representation in Administrative Proceedings

Our law firm represents Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have been disabled due to illness, injury or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are having a hard time getting the benefits they deserve from the physical review board (PEB).

We have an impressive record of success in helping our clients obtain a delay or exemption if a call up or mobilization would pose a serious hardship to them and their families.

When You Can't Afford Not To Fight

Whether you are facing charges for minor officer misconduct (such as insubordination or fraternization) or you are charged with fraud, sex crimes, drug possession, war crimes, murder or rape, we will provide you with realistic advice about your case, and aggressively defend both your rights and your military career.

If you are serious about your career and are willing to fight hard to win your case, call our Dallas office at (214) 377-1470 (ext. 227) to schedule an initial consultation with a military law criminal defense lawyer. You may also send us an e-mail.

Experienced Lawyer · Worldwide Representation

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Client Reviews
  • "It took some time to make it happen, but it did just like Patrick said, he is a hard charging guy that can help you get what you deserve, Thanks to him I am now able to get on with my life. read more"
    - Chippie in Mississippi
  • "With 18 yrs of service I was going to a show/cause hearing with the possibility of ending my career and losing my retirement. I contacted Mr. McLain, provided him the details, and he was up front and straight forward with me about my situation. read more"
    - Tim, Georgia
  • "Because of my foreign birth, my Air Force career seemed unjustly doomed. Mr. McLain could not possibly have been more understanding, knowledgeable and professional... read more"
    - K.N., San Antonio
  • "I used Mr. McLain in January of this year. Mr. McLain and his staff did a great job of keeping me informed of my case... read more"
    - Andrew W.
  • "I have found my lawyer Patrick McLain, to be honest, right to the point, consistently giving me realistic outcomes... read more"
    - Gina F.
  • "I worked with Mr. McLain a few years ago. I was having a hard time deciding on a lawyer to help me get my retirement from the Air Force... read more"
    - Nichole P.
  • "I called McLain when the military charged me with some B.S., McLain immediately jumped into action... read more"
    - Chris C.
  • "Patrick did an outstanding job with my formal Physical Evaluations Board for the Air Force... read more"
    - Stephen S.